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ATM transactions step by step. So that the customer feels more confident when they first use it. 10 - Using competitive pricing and promotion strategies for selected customers such as credit card holders Conclusion: CRM has emerged as a popular business strategy in today’s competitive environment. It is a discipline that enables organizations to identify and target their most profitable customers. To sum up, any bank can exploit CRM in order to gain competitive advantage over its rivals, increase their customer base and gain bigger market share. As banks continue to seek a unified understanding of customer relationships across diverse channels, the importance and penetration of CRM is expected to grow overtime. 4-Applying Employee Relationship Management first before Customer Relationship Management 5 -Utilizing collected data from customers in a proper way 6 - Giving more attention to customers in rural and marginalized areas 7 - Empowering Employees in order to carry on their responsibilities faster and efficiently through training, meetings, teamwork and coaching practices 8 - Capitalizing on banks ATMs better by expanding their branch network, locating ATMs into strategic points where they can reach more people. With new ATMs, customers can update their information, which is a strategic way to improve customer data. 9 - Introducing brochures near ATMs, explaining their use and also a demo may be put into the bank’s web site, that shows which transactions can be done by ATMs and may show all the