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Responsible banking, which is also known as sustainable banking, ethical banking or alternative banking comes on top of priorities of both international organizations and the banking sector. The concept of responsible banking relays on taking into consideration the customer’s interest and welfare before engaging into any bank’s activities or projects. Consequently, responsible banking refers to any bank, which participates in the enhancement of the financial well-being and stability of its customers, and the society as a whole in order to contribute in achieving economic growth. Unlike conventional banks, which totally concentrate on maximizing profits as well as the customers’ availability to repay the debt, responsible banks focus on applying high ethical business standards characterized by transparency and accountability besides monitoring the effect of their lending policy on its clients and the society on a way that doesn’t conflict with achieving economic growth . In addition, avoiding risky projects that might negatively affect achieving growth for the benefit of the society and customers. Responsible Banking Financial Infos Issue (22)