FinTech_ Issue 29

Fintech are mostly startups companies using technology as a catalyst to offer financial services to the end customers more efficiently. Various start-ups have been involved in the process of creating these new technologies, but many of the world's top banks have been developing their own Fintech ideas as well. Fintech and Financial Inclusion: Achieving financial inclusion objective is one of the most important areas for Fintech companies that operate in developing markets. Introduction and Concept: Financial Infos FinTech Issue (29) The banking sector is going through a period of disruption, driven by digital technology changes, evolving consumer habits, changing industry regulation and increasing service-delivery costs. This development is not just about the tech, it is about culture, ways of working, problem solving, customer engagement and new ideas of leadership. Fintech is the abbreviation of Financial Technology and is broadly defined as any applied technological innovation in financial services . However, it is now often used to refer to new technologies developed disrupting traditional financial services providers.